Glamlly is a beauty brand with a fun, friendly, and sophisticated personality that speaks of the capability of glam, growth, positivity, and comfort. Beauty and personal care are a way to express one’s identity. They don’t just transform you from the outside, but also empower you on the inside. Beauty is art, and you are the artist! And this is what Glamlly is all about.

Glamlly is a retailer that provides a wide range of beauty products from skincare, bodycare, haircare, nailcare, etc…


Driven by the enthusiasm of a team of young adults to develop a beauty retail e-shop, Glamlly was developed. We believed in the power of beauty and personal care for the well-being of our people and wanted to launch a brand that reflects this idea. At first, we were excited to come up with Glamlly as part of the beauty industry, which made it challenging with all the existing brands and beauty powerhouses. However, our determination as a unified team defeated all our assumptions and challenges, and we were finally able to develop a brand that revolves around value while staying is customer-centered.

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