Dolovery is a free online mobile delivery app that consists of grocery shops, fitness supplements and pastries. It unifies the delivery services under one umbrella, giving customers a wide variety of options with just one click.

Customers can use Dolovery to locate the nearest market to their location and receive updates on the most recent offers and discounts at retailers. The platform allows corporate social responsibility.


We developed Dolovery app to include the must-have features that makes it successful: well-designed user interface (UI), fast loading time, strong data protection, excellent user support, built-in integrations, tracking, smooth checkout, etc... In addition, we managed their social media accounts and created marketing campaigns that achieve Dolovery’s marketing objectives revolving around value for customers by delivering quickly and seamlessly. We work on shedding light on the ordering process that is completely streamlined through technology and star service team.

  • Design

    UI Design, UX Design, App Development

  • Client

    Dolovery Corp.

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